Sunday, December 6, 2015

Introduction to Resolve

Welcome to Resolve. This series of modules relates to:
The ability to express one’s spirit; ones true self, from the heart;
creating a personal reality that reflects that true self, that spirit.
This, the first module relates to identifying what is unresolved, the conflict that is limiting the person in the expression of their true self.

Unresolved Challenges Conflict and Confusion Invalidation Vulnerability
Resolved Challenges Awareness & Understanding Self-Validation & Trust Resilience
I have always been investigative in my work. When the “cause” of a set of symptoms is known, my next question is “What caused that?”.  When the answer to that is known, I ask, “What caused that?” drilling down to the disturbance in the persons expression of their life (spirit), that has resulted in those symptoms.
Our genetics give us the ability to express our life. Genetics gives us the ability to choose how we want to express our life; to choose our thinking, our behaviours, and how to inhabit our physical body.
Whatever disturbs that genetic ability, and therefore the expression of our life, are challenges that we don’t, can’t, resolve. These challenges may come from being involved in a major devastating event like a flood, an earthquake, or a tsunami, but can just as easily come from a seemingly insignificant every day event. It is not the size of the challenge or what the trauma was, but our response to the challenge that matters, that determines whether we will develop a conflict and symptom pattern or not; whether we will be vulnerable or resilient in the future as a result.
There are a million techniques out there (an exaggeration perhaps – or maybe not) that are applied to symptom patterns, and some of those will work some of the time. They will work, in that the symptom pattern will disappear. When the symptoms appear to have gone, the person may feel that they have had a “cure”. There are two possibilities, either they have resolved their conflict and have indeed achieved a “cure”, or they have enlisted defence strategies to enact denial, avoidance, and/or suppression.
Article by:
Val Walters

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